Jade SP2 Birth Sex, Gender Identity and Pronoun FAQ

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Do the new fields affect any functions or screens in Bp Premier?

No, the current functionality for Birth Sex has not changed; only the label is different. The additional fields do not affect the clinical functions in the program, including medication-related checks, 3rd-party vendor integrations, history and examination fields.

Do I have to use the new Gender Identity and Pronouns fields?

No. If you have a patient who identifies as a different gender and chooses to use another pronoun, then you can record that information in these fields.

Are there any non-binary images in the software?

No, the images are either female for Birth Sex of female or a male model for the other choices such as Other and Unknown.

When I create a new patient record, all the Birth Sex, Gender Identity and Pronouns fields are populated. What determines this selection?

When some Titles are selected, they pre-populate the Birth Sex, Gender Identity and Pronouns. For example, Title of Mr; Birth Sex is male; Gender Identity is male; Pronouns are He/Him/His.

What information is included when I print a Health Summary, import/export a patient or export using the Subpoena tool?

Gender Identity will be included in Health Summaries in the next Bp Premier release. Gender Identity is currently included when doing a patient import or export and the subpoena tool.

How will this affect the patient’s My Health Record?

It won’t affect the patient’s My Health Record as birth sex functionality is the same.

What hasn’t been included in Jade SP2 regarding Gender Identity and Pronouns?

Template fields in the Word Processor and printed exports with regards to the Health summary and Subpoena tool.