Bp Premier Jade SP2 Release Notes

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These release notes describe the changes made to Bp Premier since version

Release Date 

18 December 2019

Release version

Bp Premier version Jade SP2 (

Notes last updated

17 December 2019

What is in this release?

New features involve enhancements and bug fixes relating to patient gender identity, memory management and database security.

Review the section New Features for other new features in this release, and Enhancements for all other changes.

Which version can I upgrade from?

You can upgrade to version Jade SP2 from Bp Premier version Summit ( or later. To check the current program version that you have installed, select HelpAbout.

Which data update do I need?

You must install the July 2019 Data Update or later before you can upgrade to version

To check the current data update that you have installed, select HelpAbout. You can download data updates from the Best Practice Software website. Best Practice Software recommend always installing the most recent Data Update when released every month.

Which database and operating system versions are supported?

System requirements have not changed from the Jade SP1 release. Supported database and operating systems versions are described in the Bp Premier System Requirements, available here.

When should I upgrade?

Best Practice Software recommend running the program upgrade outside of business hours.

How do I upgrade?

Brief upgrade instructions are included in this document.

IMPORTANT  You must upgrade every client in your practice network at the same time that you upgrade the server.

Bp Partner Network

In conjunction with the release of Bp Premier Jade, Best Practice Software has launched the Bp Partner Network, a program that formalises Best Practice Software's relationship with practices and technology vendors that develop integrated solutions with Bp's suite of software products.

When you upgrade to Jade or later versions, if your practice employs a third-party or custom integration with your Bp Premier database, you will need to be aware of the changes to database access, and how to enable your integrated solution in Setup > Configuration.

Best Practice Software has prepared a series of education materials to help your practice assess whether it is affected by the changes and what to do next.

Bp Partner Network Resources

This Jade SP2 Knowledge Base article summarises the database changes and can help you determine if your practice will be affected by the Bp Partner Network changes.

Download this information sheet if you are a third-party solution provider that currently accesses or integrates with a Bp Premier database.

Download this information sheet if your practice has created a custom integration used internally to write back to the database.

Download this FAQ for questions and answers from Bp Premier users who attended the recent Bp Partner Network webinar series run by Best Practice Software.

Upgrade to version

You must have the July 2019 data update or later installed before you upgrade to Always back up your database immediately prior to running any program update.

  1. Download and install the latest Drug Update on your Bp Premier server computer.
  2. Download and install the Jade SP2 update on your server and all clients.
  3. Install the Jade SP2 update on your server and all client machines.

Where do I find more information?

If you are upgrading from a version of Bp Premier earlier than the Jade SP1 release, the following table can help you identify changes made in interim versions.

I am upgrading from...

I need to know about...

Summit (

The Lava release introduced changes to multi-location functionality, a suite of new financial and disbursement reports, and transaction adjustments and deposits.

Read the Bp Premier Lava Release Notes.

Lava (

The Lava Service Pack 1 release introduced online claiming support for practices with multiple Minor IDs registered with Medicare:

Read the Bp Premier Lava SP1 Release Notes.

Lava SP1 (

The Lava Service Pack 3 release introduced major changes to cervical screening (formerly pap smear) terminology and requests:

Read the Bp Premier Lava SP3 Release Notes or the Quick Reference Guide.

Lava SP3 (

The Indigo release introduced Bulk Billing for Tyro, a Subpoena tool for presenting patient records, and the concept of clinical significance to reminders.

Read the Bp Premier Indigo Release Notes or a Quick Reference Guide: Subpoena Tool, Bulk Bill Easyclaim, Reminders.

Indigo (

Indigo Revision 1 (

The Indigo Service Pack 1 release included a major new feature, Bp Comms, that greatly expanded patient-practice communication functions. This release also included HealthShare and HealthLink online provider directories, SafeScript prescribing for Victoria, and a backup and restore utility for the drug database.

Read the Bp Premier Indigo SP1 Release Notes.

Indigo Service Pack 1

Indigo Service Pack 2

The Indigo Service Pack 1 release included a major new feature, Bp Comms, that greatly expanded patient-practice communication functions. This release also included HealthShare and HealthLink online provider directories, SafeScript prescribing for Victoria, and a backup and restore utility for the drug database.

Read the Bp Premier Indigo SP1 Release Notes.


The Jade release included the pilot for CommBank Health Claim, improvements to the BMI Calculator and Percentile Charts and multi-location updates.

Read the Bp Premier Jade Release Notes.

Jade SP1

Jade SP1 included improvements to the Clinical Reminders and Inbox contact notes. Database security and program performance have also improved.

Read the Bp Premier Jade SP1 Release Notes.

New Features

Birth Sex, Gender Identity and Pronoun

Fields have been changed and added to the patient demographics screen to distinguish patients with various gender identities.

Clinical functions use the Birth Sex field to determine what actions are available in the patient record. For example, with the Birth Sex field set as Female, the Obstetric history and Cervical screening tabs are available. Selecting a value in the Birth Sex field for a new patient defaults the Gender Identity and Pronoun fields to match the selected sex.

The Gender Identity field has no clinical bearing and is primarily an identification field. Choosing Different identity enables a textbox where you can type in custom text.

The Pronouns field holds information on how the patient is to be addressed in conversation and correspondence. In future versions, template fields will be added to the Word Processor to make Pronoun available.

Search for patients using the Gender Identity field in Database search (Utilities > Search). The Gender Identity criteria is under the Demographics search options.

The default image for Patient Photo and the Inbox has changed to a gender-neutral model. The image used at the top of the navigation menu in the patient record is now also gender-neutral.

Improvements to memory handling

Various areas within Bp Premier including Followup Inbox, Appointment Book and Clinical Reminders have been modified to improve memory handling. As part of these changes, some functions such as Subpoena Tool, Remote Downloads and Patient Export now require you to perform an additional login when using these functions.

Online claiming workflow

Functionality that checks for processing and payment reports in the Online Claiming and Tyro Transactions screens has improved with the implementation of a data lock. The data lock permits only one user within your practice to check for payments at a time, which aids in data integrity.

Antenatal visit text

A prompt is displayed to add service text to MBS item 16500 (Antenatal Attendance) when included with another consult item. The prompt occurs where you create accounts, for example, when creating an invoice or finalising a visit. The service text must be added to the consultation item.

Nutrition Plus education factsheets

New Nutrition Plus education factsheets have been added to the Patient Education materials screen. Nutrition Plus is a team of dietitians who specialise in reproductive conditions, fertility, pregnancy, postpartum and paediatrics. View the leaflets by navigating to View > Patient education material > Nutrition Plus. You must have Jade SP2 and the December 2019 Data Update to view the leaflets.

End of support for older Bp Premier versions

Best Practice Software regularly provides new releases of our software so that you have the latest mandated regulatory requirements and a range of software improvements covering security features, fixes to known software issues, and new software features. However, regular software releases present an increasing challenging to our Support team to continue supporting customers using older versions of Bp Premier.

The following table provides a schedule of current and future sunset versions and dates.

Bp Premier Version

Build No

When Bp releases this version

Support ceases on this date


Indigo SP2

02 October 2019


Indigo SP2

02 October 2019

Lava SP1

Indigo SP2

02 October 2019

Lava SP2

Indigo SP2

02 October 2019

Lava SP3


10 January 2020


Jade SP1

27 March 2020

Indigo Rev1

Jade SP1

27 March 2020

Indigo SP1

Jade SP2

30 June 2020

Indigo SP2

Jade SP2

30 June 2020


Jade SP2

30 June 2020

‘Ceasing Support’ includes the provision of version-specific templates, old reports, minimum software requirements, and access to Bp Support.

The online Lava Knowledge Base will continue to be available to Lava users.

Information on the latest version of Bp Premier is available from the Bp Premier Jade Knowledge Base What's new page. Bp Premier Support is available to help you upgrade to the latest version.


Bp Function

Release Notes


Memory Management

A setting was introduced to change the virtual memory allocation. Changing this setting with guidance from Bp Support may mitigate access violation errors.


Internal Messages

Improvements made to the efficiency of the database query that checks for unread messages.


Memory Management

Memory management improvements made to various areas including Followup Inbox, Appointment Book, Clinical Reminders, Results Import and Patient Record.


Best Health App

A configuration option was added to the user details screen under Setup > Users to enable or disable the sending of appointment notices for the Best Health App when that user makes or changes an appointment.


Third-party demographic linking

An option was added to SetupConfiguration > Links to enable or disable the import of the Patients.IN file via Bp Premier. Importing Patients.IN files was previously attempted on all machines.


Word Processor/Text Files

The Tx Text control used for word processing has been upgraded from version 21 to version 27.


Results Importing

An option was added to SetupConfiguration > Results import to enable or disable the import of results via Bp Premier. Importing of results was previously attempted on all machines.


Subpoena Tool

The Subpoena Tool is now a separate executable; the functionality is still accessed via Utilities > Subpoena Tool. Separating the tool into a separate executable improves available memory to the tool.


Patient Export

Patient Export is now a separate executable; the functionality is still accessed via File > Export Patient. Separating the tool into a separate executable improves available memory for this functionality.


Bulk Bill Easyclaims

Implemented a locking feature that limited the Check for Payments function to be performed by one person at a time, this aids data integrity.


Database Accounts

BPSRawData no longer has access to execute stored procedures. Contact Best Practice Commerical Partnerships team for details on new database access methods.


Remote Download

The Remote Download utility is separated into its own executable, giving more memory to the Remote Download process.


Health Assessments

The ATSI label in the demographics information on Health Assessments renamed to Ethnicity.


INR Manager

The INR Manager now displays a Recorded By column to display who created the INR information.


Pathology Requests

Improved clarity in the Cervical Screening Test summary text.


Database Accounts

Added a description on the Database viewer password screen to communicate the purpose of the BPSRawData and BPSViewer accounts.


Past Visits

Checking the Hide non visits checkbox now hides visits of type 3rd Party.


Family & Social History

Partner added as an option in the Lives with drop-down list.


Database Accounts

The SA account removed from the database.


Partner integrations

Added the ability to search for a provider in the Setup third party integrations screen.


Billing MBS items

Items 16400 and 16500 (Antenatal visits) can now be added to an invoice with another consultation item. Additional text must be provided.


Support tool

A new menu item HelpRemote Assistance has been added that directs the user to the remote support tool for Bp Premier users. The tool opens in the default browser.



The formatting of PBS restrictions on Rx printouts has been improved for readability.


Third-party integrations

The time taken to enable multiple authorisations in the Setup > Configuration > Set up Third-Party Integrations screen has been improved.



Telehealth video consults will open in the default browser on right-click > Start video if the telehealth vendor has no custom video fuctionality.


Patient Record Respiratory

The fields % Predicted (Pre), % Predicted (Post), and % Change (Reversibility) are now calculated and displayed in the respiratory function.


Best Health App

Refresh token expiry logging moved to Debug category.


Database Search

Gender Identity has been added as a search option in Database Search.


Patient Demographics

Gender Identity and Pronouns fields added to the patient demographics window.


Clinical Record

Gender and Pronoun display fields added to the top of the clinical record.


Patient Import/Export

Gender and Pronoun fields are included in the xml import/export, subpoena, html export and remote database utilities.


Data Export

An Opt Out De-Identified Data Extraction flag has been added to the patient demographics window. This flag is read by third-party data extraction utilities so those patients are not included in the extraction.


Past Visits

Page numbers are now included when printing Past Visits.


Bp Comms

This patient has chosen to opt out of receiving electronic messages checkbox has been added to the Bp Comms Consent window. The box changes the Bp Comms status to Opted Out and disables all consent controls.



Cubiko icon has been updated.


Patient Education

A new place holder icon for Nutrition plus patient education leaflets added. The leaflets will be made available in the December 2019 drug update.


Family & Social History

Changing the Current Smoking History from Smoker to Ex smoker automatically populates the Past Smoking History using the Current Smoking History information.



The information sent using the SafeScript functionality now includes the Medicare Individual Reference Number if available.



Third-party integrations

The Setup third party integrations screen displays at the end of the install. Use this screen to enable any third party integrations for your practice. This screen is also available via Setup > Configuration > Database.


Supplied Queries

New supplied database query Active patients who have not had a visit in the last 12 months and have no future appointments and not created in the last 6 months.



The upgrade wizard now displays a third-party confirmation install screen to verify any installed third-party installations are compatible with the Jade SP2 release. See the Bp Premier Partner Network article for more information.



The upgrade wizard now displays the Setup third party integrations screen at the end of the install. Use this screen to enable any third party integrations that are installed at your practice. See the Bp Premier Partner Network article for more information.



A prompt is displayed to add service text to MBS item 16500 (Antenatal Attendance) when included with another consult item.


Error Logging

Errors for all Bp Premier instances are now logged in to the Bp Premier database; this makes it easier to gather error log information for all machines in one location.


Information Logging

Logging added to provide details on windows opened and how long a window has been open; this is to aid in diagnosing errors.


Subpoena Tool

If a user has logged in to the Subpoena Tool and Bp Premier is closed while the Subpoena Tool is still running, Bp Premier will alert that the Subpoena Tool will also be closed when Bp Premier closes. This prevents anyone from potentially accessing the Subpoena tool using another user's login.


Bugs Fixed

Bp Function

Release Notes


NPS Radar Documents

Resolved a fatal error that occurred while opening NPS Radar documents.


Database Security

Improved security on the Inbox database.


Error Logging

The Runtime information in error log files now logs time greater than one day.


My Health Record

Shared Health Summaries and Event Summaries can now be uploaded and removed when the patient has enabled access controls on their record; Record Access Code and/or Limited Document Access Code.



Fixed an intermittent error that occurred within the patient record when Healthshare was enabled.


HealthLink Forms

Resolved an error that occurred when using HealthLink forms if investigation report contents were missing from the database.


HealthLink Forms

Resolved an error that occurred when using HealthLink forms if clinical image contents were missing from the database.


Tyro Transactions

The time taken to open and apply filters to the Tyro Transaction screen is dramatically reduced.


Bulk Bill Easyclaim

Adding or removing services on the Invoice screen is now disabled after a failed Tyro transaction, this stops issues occurring with incentives attached to services. To change an account use the Patient Billing History.


Internal Messages

Improved memory handling around the internal messaging functionality.



The Observations list in the patient record now aligns the observation name with the observation detail on low-resolution screens.


Online Claiming

The Check for payments button is now disabled until the check for payments process is complete, which prevents multiple checks being sent at a time.


Partner integrations

The speed with which the Setup third party integrations window opens is improved.


Patient Search

Entering a space in the Search for field when searching for patients with multi-word surnames caused successful matches to disappear. This has been fixed.



Adding an allergy from the right-click context menu in the patient record did not generate a progress note. This has been fixed.


Patient Export

When cancelling an export from the Export Patient screen, Bp Premier prompted for a location to save the file. This has been fixed.


Appointment Book

A new service status caused some appointments to go back to an 'At Billing' status after being marked as completed. This has been fixed.


Bp Service

For some sites, the Bp Service overnight check was removing all stored procedures based on reading the wrong Bp Premier version. This has been fixed.


Bp Service

A patient's My Health Record status might not have been updated correctly from an overnight check. This has been fixed.


Opening application

When the Bp Premier executable was opened more than once, an unrelated error message would appear. This has been fixed.


Care plans

The Print button ceased working for a completed care plan. This has been fixed.


Pathology request

When a contact was selected to be sent a copy of a pathology or imaging request, the contact was prefixed to any subsequent selected contacts. This has been fixed.



The eOrdering window read the incorrect file path. This has been fixed.



Fixed the inability to remove unwanted local eOrdering paths.


Best Health App

Issue resolved with the enrolment confirmation message where multiple patients have the same mobile phone number.



Reprinting an invoice with multiple pages now calculates the invoice total correctly.


Follow up Inbox

Clicking the Record Note > View Result button now correctly displays the user who checked the result.


Online Claiming

A twice rejected Medicare claim was incorrectly marked as reconciled. This has been fixed.


SMS Reminders

Improved handling of large volumes of SMS replies, meaning freezing no longer occurs when large numbers of replies are received.



More information included in errors logged.


Patient Import/Export

Script items are now correctly imported.


Appointment Book

Resolved an issue where the appointment video URL was removed when moving an appointment to a different time slot.


Patient Export

Fixed an issue where the patient export utility was not closed correctly on exit of the main Bp Premier application.


Appointment Book

Network disconnections are handled gracefully from the appointment book by providing a dialogue so the user can retry to connect.


Demographic Importing

Resolved an issue where the Bp Service was not importing the Patients.In file correctly.


Today's Notes

Fixed an issue where the information in Today's Notes disappeared when performing specific workflows regarding antenatal information.


Patient record

Fixed a fatal error that occurred when previewing documents from Correspondence In or Correspondence Out.


Install and upgrade

Fixed errors that occurred when Update Databases is run.




Online Claiming

Fixed an error that occurred when opening or viewing a DVA batch that has not yet been reconciled.


Guidance-based requesting

For GBR sites only. Corrected Rx and Past Hx placement when ordering pathology.



Fixed a fatal error that occurred when sending clinical reminders.


Database Queries

The new Inactive Patients database query now works as expected.


Reminder reasons

Edits to reminder reason text are now carried through successfully to the Clean Up Reminders function.


Known Issues


Release Notes


Pathology Request

The Requested tests and Clinical details fields can be truncated on the request printout if you type in a large amount of text and then select items from the picklist.